Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mass Media Law 18th Edition, Don Pember and Calvert

Mass Media Law 18th Edition PDF Download Ebook. Don Pember and Clay Calvert offer vast array of topics, from the history and adoption of the First Amendment, to the most recent judicial opinions, statutory enactments, and regulatory controversies affecting speech and press across the print, broadcast, cable, and Internet media.

Media law constantly changes, with new cases and controversies cropping up daily. Written in a student-friendly style for undergraduates, this book leads the market with a current and comprehensive approach to the most relevant aspects of mass media and communications law in the United States.

Discussion of the current rulings from the Supreme Court make this the most up-to-datetextbook on the market. An updated “Legal Resources Guide” found on the Pember Web site, provides legal listings for students. Systematic pedagogy includes: chapter outlines, introductions, highlighted summaries, boxes that suggest ways to avoid legal problems, mid-chapter summaries, a Glossary and a Table of Cases for easy reference.

Material on the implications of government actions in the wake of September 11 events will be included in several sections of the book, including military censorship, access to information, new use of old sedition laws, the limits on access to government Web sites and privacy. New material on school censorship includes actions against students who post messages on the Web and the resolution of Kincaid v. Gibson, the college yearbook censorship case.

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